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As one of the most industrialized countries, Canada offers numerous options for non-Canadians to launch a business. To boost your chances of success, you can select from a variety of choices, such as starting from scratch or locating your firm in Canada. However, data show that each year, either for business or pleasure, about 20.8 million people enter the country. The government’s efforts to reassure international businesses are what set it apart from other countries.

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What is Canada Business Visa?

A Canada business visa is a type of visa that allows an individual to establish a business in Canada. If you follow the guidelines below, obtaining a business visa for Canada from India is simple, despite the fact that obtaining a Canadian visa may appear impossible.

  • A business visitor visa, often known as a Canadian business visa, allows Indian nationals to enter the country temporarily and solely for business purposes.
  • Six months was the initial validity period for the business visa.
  • However, due to the increase in tourists and investors visiting Canada, the duration of business visas has been extended to 3, 5, or 10 years.
  • Conferences, meetings, and seminars for business purposes are all included.
  • It is prohibited for business travelers to Canada to enter into contracts that could last longer than the duration of their visa.
  • In addition, the applicant may be unable to work for any Canadian company.
  • Nevertheless, Canada’s immigration authorities will normally set the duration of your visa.
  • On a Canadian business visa, you are not permitted to bring dependents.
  • However, the Canada Business visa permits you to visit as many Canadian monuments as possible.
  • You do not need to be in Canada for business objectives; you can also visit friends, family, or relatives who reside there.
  • The Federal Business Immigration Visa, the Quebec Immigration Visa, and the Provincial Nominee Program are additional Canadian Visas for business immigration.

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Type of Business Visa in Canada

Start-Up Visa Investor Program

The greatest choice for investors seeking to immigrate to Canada is to apply for the general Start-up Visa Program. You must be inventive, create jobs for Canadians, and be internationally competitive for your application to be successful. Conditions for Investors:

  • To qualify for the Startup Visa, candidates must meet the following requirements:
  • Have an eligible business
  • Show intermediate proficiency in both English and French (CBL5)
  • Obtain a letter of endorsement from a recognised institution (Receive a minimum financing commitment of $200,000 CDN from a designated Venture Capital Organization, $75,000 from an eligible Angel Investor, or Business Incubator).
  • Bring sufficient funds to settle in Canada

Entrepreneur Program

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for this immigration stream since they provide employment opportunities and contribute to Canada’s economy. In addition to being allowed to operate a business in Canada, successful candidates are granted permanent residency status in the country.

Requirements for Entrepreneurs, For applicants to qualify for the Entrepreneur Program, they must:

  • Establish, purchase, or make a considerable investment in a Canadian business within two years after arrival, resulting in a substantial economic contribution.
  • Actively and continuously participate in the management of the business.
  • Employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident besides yourself and your dependents.
  • To guarantee that these standards are met, entrepreneurs are expected to regularly report their progress to immigration officials over this two-year period.

Self-Employed Individuals Program

This business immigration stream is for persons who will develop or acquire a business in Canada that will make a “substantial” economic, cultural, or aesthetic contribution to Canada.

Eligibility for the Self-employed programme:

  • Have relevant experience (at least 2 years experience in the last 5 years)
  • Be willing and able to work independently in Canada
  • Meet the minimal selection requirements for the programme (minimum 35 points) and
  • Satisfy medical, security, and other requirements

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Age
  • Linguistic abilities
  • Adaptability

Business PNP Programs

All successful PNP programme applicants will receive a work visa and must invest the specified amount of money within one to two years. Once job creation has been accomplished, the applicant may then apply for PR*.

Business Immigration

Corporate Immigration is the ideal alternative for people who have established a business and wish to expand it in Canada. This immigration category was created primarily for large, medium, and small businesses that need to transfer staff across international borders. Important legal actions must be taken when relocating staff to Canada. Through a variety of services, we assist in coordinating the travel logistics of your employees so that they all arrive at their destinations without incident.

How to Obtain a Canada Business Visa?

If the investment originates from a certified Canadian venture capital fund, a minimum of $200,000 must be secured.

If the investment comes from a designated Canadian angel investor group, a minimum of $75,000 must be secured.

You are not required to acquire funding through a business incubator. You need to get accepted into a business incubator programme in Canada.

Few nations with exceptionally good relations with Canada no longer need to carry a visa while entering Canada. Indian nationals may obtain any form of Canadian visa.

Eligibility for a Canada business visa is contingent on a variety of factors, including nationality, business strategies, and sufficient funds to invest and sustain oneself in Canada. The requirements for Canada business visas are stated as follows:

  • The applicant must be fluent in either English or French language.
  • The applicant must guarantee that he will not engage in employment while on a business visa.
  • One must also take precautions to avoid entering Quebec. The following applications must be completed by the applicant:
  • IMM 5257, often known as the Application for Temporary Resident.
  • Form IMM 5707, often known as the Family Information Form.
  • In addition to completing the following qualifying requirements, Indian candidates for a Canadian business visa must also possess the required documentation.

In order to apply for a business visa to Canada, the applicant must first collect the papers specified by the Canadian government and detailed in this guidance. Prior to the recent deployment of the online application by the Canadian government, the application process for Canadian business visas was conducted exclusively offline. You can complete the full procedure by according to the directions provided below.

  • In addition to the offline approach, the Canada business visa application form must be completed online.
  • After completing the application form, the applicant may be required to send it to the embassy together with all relevant papers.
  • The embassy requires at least 30 days to cross-check or confirm the information supplied on the application form after receiving it.
  • The embassy verifies any business-related documentation contained in or attached to the application form. A candidate must fill out the bank-related information with attention.
  • It is also recommended that you attach the letter of invitation from any Canadian business that has invited you for business purposes.
  • As soon as your application is approved, embassy staff will request that you visit the embassy/consulate or any other authorized centre for the biometric.
  • After successfully completing the biometric procedure, a visa may be issued to the applicant within at least 30 days of the submission of the application form.
  • As this is one of the most complicated processes, it is recommended to apply for a Canadian visa through a professional. A team of experts can assist you throughout the entire procedure to make it effortless.
  • You must ensure that your visa is not denied by submitting a comprehensive application with real documents and information. Your future travel plans may be affected if your visa is refused.

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The presenting of documentation has a significant impact on the processing time required for a Canada business visa. The applicants are encouraged to submit their materials on time. Any additional delay in the procedure could cause a delay in constructing a Canadian business visa. The required documentation for a Canadian business visa are as follows:

  • Original Passports valid for six months after the date of entry into Canada
  • Three colour photograph
  • Cover letter outlining the applicant’s information and travel plans
  • Invitation letter from the company/Conference/Exhibition confirmation
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • Itinerary of a trip
  • Flight tickets that are confirmed
  • Evidence of employment
  • Evidence of financial means

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Visa Photo Specification

  • Recently captured image.
  • Dimensions – 35mm X 45mm.
  • The photo’s background must be white.
  • No blurred photos are permitted.
  • No designs are permitted in the image’s backdrop.
  • The photographs must be provided unaltered.
  • The face must be recorded with the subject’s head centred and towards the centre of the camera. It must not be too far away or too close.
  • Your shoulder must be visible in the photograph.
  • Neutral face expression is required.
  • Avoid having an open mouth.
  • If you use eyeglasses, your eyes must be visible through the lenses.
  • No sunglasses permitted.

The entire processing time for acquiring a business permit depends on how long it takes the embassy to examine the paperwork after submission. It also relies on factors like the workload of the embassy, the number of entries, the duration of the permit, fast track processing, etc.

Any process delays could be avoided with proper documentation. It will not take the embassy longer to give you a tourist visa if you begin the application process two months before your travel to Canada. Your visa is expected to arrive in at least 35 working days.

The cost of a Canada business visa varies on a variety of variables, including the length of the visa, the number of entries, any expedited visa processing fees, and any additional service fees.

Entry & Multiply Entry Normal
  • Stay duration: 6 months
  • Validity: 12 months
  • Fees: ₹ 10250