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Dependent Visa for the UK from India

Are you looking forward to moving your family to the UK? Family and friends of British citizens and holders of certain visas are able to join them in the United Kingdom with the assistance of the Dependent Visa process. Your spouse, children, parents, and other relatives can all join you in the UK if you apply for a family visit visa. Envoy can help you navigate the complexities of the dependent visa application process so that you have the best possible chance of approval.

Let us get a look at who all can be considered dependents to apply for a dependent visa for the UK from India. Those who rely on a dependent visa can be a partner in law or marriage, Junior High Student or a dependent child over the age of 18 living in the United Kingdom. Moreover, the applicant must show that he has sufficient funds to support his family in the United Kingdom. A bank statement is required as proof that he has the necessary funds.

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Dependent Visas for the UK Requirements

Look down at the list of dependent visas for the UK requirements. You need to be the sponsor’s spouse, domestic partner, or eligible unmarried partner to be considered a dependent. Children who are dependent and under the age of 18 can apply for the UK visa as well.

One of the following is required to qualify as the sponsor’s spouse or partner:

  • It’s official that you’re in a legal union or marriage in the UK.
  • As of the application deadline, you and your partner have been living together for at least two years.
  • You have arrived in the United Kingdom with the intention of getting married or forming a civil partnership within six months.
  • Also, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re fluent in the English language.

There are two different criterias to apply for a visa. One of them is when you are applying when you are in the United Kingdom and the other approach is when you are not in the United Kingdom. The conditions for both the visas are as follows:

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Applying for a dependent visa when in the United Kingdom

  • If they are here on a family visa, dependents can apply to stay with them. They can switch to a family visa if they came on another visa.
  • Biometric residence permits or BRPs will be mailed by courier, you do not have to collect it from anywhere.
  • If you don’t get your ‘decision letter’ within seven to ten days of receiving your ‘decision letter’ from the Home Office, you can make an online application.

Applying for a dependent visa when not in the United Kingdom

  • Family visas allow dependents to live with their spouse, parent, child, or a relative.
  • A visa processing center will take their fingerprints and pictures for their biometric residence permit application.
  • Upon arrival in the UK, they must obtain their biometric residence permit within 30 days.

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Dependent Visa for the UK

  • You, the holder of a Dependent Visa, will be completely cut off from government assistance.
  • You must provide evidence that your proposed host organization can and will provide for your needs financially before your application will be considered.
  • You will be able to enter the United Kingdom and live there with no limitations if your application is approved.
  • There are zero occupational requirements, so you’re free to take on any job, regardless of your background or experience.

A second-tier dependent visa allows you to stay in the United Kingdom for the same length of time as the primary tier two visa holder. Under certain circumstances, you may attend graduate school. If you keep going to meet the requirements, the primary applicant can submit an extension application on your behalf. If the key visa holder has left the UK, you would not be able to apply for an extension o. You’re barred from holding any government jobs, receiving public assistance, or working as a pre-professional sports coach.

Looking at the usual time frame of getting a dependent visa for the UK, when applying from outside the UK, the UK Dependent Visa takes approximately 15 operating days to process. It is dependent on the applicant’s immigration history. If the request is submitted from within the United Kingdom, the postal service takes approximately 8 weeks.

Can I work in the UK with a dependent visa?

If you are visiting the United Kingdom on a dependent visa yourself or if someone that you know is visiting the UK on a dependent visa then this piece of information is essentially useful to you and for them. The answer to this concern is yes, people can work in the UK as dependents on a Tier 2 visa. The terms of your employment will state that you can work until your Dependent Visa expires. Your dependent status will be determined by the Partner/spouse. As a result, when the Primary Visa holder’s term expires, your occupation will also end.

Another concern that this might lead you to is if your spouse can work on a UK dependent visa or not. We have that concern answered as well. Yes, your spouse can work in the UK as dependents on a Tier 2 visa. The terms of your employment will state that you can work until your Dependent Visa expires. Your dependent status will be determined by the Partner/spouse. As a result, when the Primary Visa holder’s term is up, your occupation will also end.

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Required Documents

The list of documents that you require in order to apply for a dependent visa in the UK is as mentioned below:

  • Passport information and travel history
  • Background information
  • Documentation for spouse/partner, including marriage certificate
  • Other evidence of the relationship
  • The sponsor’s income proof is required to demonstrate adequate finances.
  • Application completed and consulate fees paid
  • Language skills in English (based on documents you provide, it might not be essential for elderly parents you are caring for)
  • If you are calling on behalf of your pupil, they must be below the age of 18 at the point of application.

You must ensure that these documents are ready and available to present when asked for. Another frequently asked question by the dependents who have already traveled to the UK is, “How can I convert my dependent visa to a work permit in the United Kingdom?”

If you are already in the United Kingdom on another type of visa, you may be able to apply to change to a Skilled Worker visa. Your partner or children will need to apply for a new visa separately. They can apply whenever their current visa expires or at the same time as you. You must not leave the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man until you receive a decision. The eligibility factor for this is that your position meets the eligibility criteria and you can communicate, read, write, and comprehend English.

Over-16 dependents will be permitted to work full time in the United Kingdom. Except for the following, there are no restrictions on the types of work they can perform:

  • No medical or dental practise during training
  • No employment as a professional athlete or coach

There are no restrictions on education for dependents on the Student route. If you are a dependent who plans to study in the United Kingdom, you should understand that if you are enrolled in a course that requires ATAS clearance, you will be required to obtain an ATAS certificate prior to beginning your studies.

Once the dependents are in the United Kingdom, you might wonder if the dependent can stay in the United Kingdom without the main applicant. The solution lies in the word “dependent.” The dependent is, by definition, dependent on the primary applicant. If the principal applicant leaves or loses visa status, the dependent is no longer permitted to stay and hence, must depart. The dependent can only remain if he or she obtains a primary visa on his or her own, thereby changing their status. However, the answer to the aforementioned question can be yes in some scenarios. For example, The dependent can stay in the country as long as their visa is still good.

Now, the estimated fees can vary from relation to relation. The dependent visa fee is calculated based on the main applicant’s fee. In addition to the Immigration Health Surcharge, each dependent must pay £624 per year for adults and £470 for children. An enrolment fee of £19.20 applies within the UK.

If the person applying for a spouse visa in the UK does not come from a country where the population speaks English and if they do not have a degree from an accredited institution, they may be required to take an authorized English language evaluation to illustrate that people meet the English language requirements.

The Secure English Language Testing (also known as ‘SELT’) provider is required to conduct the English language test before it can be considered acceptable by the Home Office. Only Trinity College London, located in the United Kingdom, and the IELTS SELT Consortium are authorized to administer SELT exams (UK and overseas).

An approach that is both meticulous and comprehensive is required when applying for a dependent visa for the UK. You can increase the likelihood of your initial application being successful with the assistance of Envoy in gathering the necessary documentation. Our services include:

  • Assisting you to make the right decision regarding your immigration strategy
  • Finishing the checklist for the documents required for the visa
  • Assistance throughout the application processing process
  • Forms, documentation, and the filing of applications
  • Follow-ups and additional updates
  • Relocation and support after landing in the United Kingdom
  • When you become a client of Envoy, a specialized immigration consultant will be assigned to you in order to assist you throughout the process.

Get in touch with us at Envoy and we shall assist you on each and every step and ensure that you get through all the necessary processes and reach to the nation of dreams safely. Remember, with Envoy, your dream of traveling to another country for work, study or vacation is just a call away!