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Are you seeking an opportunity to shift to Canada immediately and to scheduling your PR? Canada Provincial Nominee Program is an approachable way to settle in Canada. Under this program, the Canadian state can nominate individuals for Permanent citizenship in Canada. While the Provincial Nominee Program also known as the PNP program is discrete from the Express Entry Program, the PNP program offers an additional 600 CRS points when they enter the Express pool. Individuals scoring below 400 CRS points were also provided with Letters of Interest via various PNP programs. We can ease this opportunity for you through our exclusive visa and immigration support.

What does PNP stand for?

The abbreviation of PNP is Provincial Nominee Program. This program allows aspirants to migrate to various provinces of Canada.

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How can you qualify for the PNP program in Canada?

The basic core idea behind this program was to attract skilled personalities to the state of Canada which is facing a shortage of such identities. So in order to qualify for a PNP program in Canada, you need to consider the following:

  • Apply for the same province in Canada where you are planning to settle. Do not apply for any other place.
  • Before applying ensure that you have all the required skill sets, knowledge, work experience and educational qualifications that vacant jobs will demand in the Canadian province.
  • After completion of the application process arrives the process of waiting. Whilst the Candian province will examine your application and evaluate if you fit in the criteria that the job demands.
  • If your skill sets are found satisfactory they will inform you about an estimated time period that will be taken to process the application.
  • Once your application gets approved you will have to apply for permanent citizenship in a dedicated period of time that will be allotted by them.
  • The state will also inform you if you need to apply through Express Entry Pool or via Regular Application Procedure.
  • If an Express Entry Pool has been allotted to you and you have not been a part of it earlier you will have to complete an Express Entry profile to get into the portal.
  • The ones who are allotted a Regular Application Procedure need to proceed with their application in the regular portal only.

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Which province is the best for PNP in Canada?

The Provincial Nominee Program was started with the aim of attracting aspirants who are looking forwards to showcasing their skills and making a living from them. Many aspiring aspirants have successfully shifted and settled permanently under the PNP program in Canada. Some of the finest provinces to apply under this program are as follows:

  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Manitoba
  • Alberta

If you have acquired expertise in technology, finance, marketing, education or healthcare, this is the most accurate time period to explore your options through Provincial Nominee Program.

Any willing aspirant can apply under the PNP option to migrate to Canada and live under its province, contribute to the economy of the state and desire to become a permanent resident of Canada.

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Which is the easiest province in Canada to get a PNP?

Alberta is one of the easiest provinces in Canada to apply under the program of Provincial Nominee Program. The process of applying for the PNP program comprises of two variants namely, Paper based process, and Through Express Entry

Paper Based Process:

The initial step to applying for the province or territory for nomination under the non-Express Entry Stream. If you fulfil the requirements for eligibility and qualify through the individual In demand Occupations lists of some provinces, you will get nominated by the province if your occupation is on the list. You can then apply for a Canada PR visa.

After that, you will have to submit a paper application for your PR visa. The processing time is more elongated than the Express Entry System.

Express Entry System:

There are two ways to apply to the Express Entry System, One can apply for a nomination by approaching the state or the province and applying for
nomination under the Express Entry stream.

If you get a positive response from the province or the state to nominate you, you can create an Express Entry profile or even update your profile if there exists one.

An alternative option is to create an Express Entry profile and indicate the provinces or states you are interested in. If the province responds with and positive response toward the application you can then contact them and then apply through the Express Entry System.

The aspirant must fulfil the application requirement for a positive outcome from the application.

Steps in PNP application for a PR visa are as follows:

  • Apply only to the province where you are willing to reside or settle
  • If your profile satisfies all the criteria, you could be nominated by the province to apply for a PR visa.
  • Only apply for a visa after you get nominated by a province
  • The criteria for evaluating the PR application varies from state to state

Documents required to apply for the program

  • Educational Credentials
  • Professional Credentials
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Recent medical report
  • Current passport and travel history
  • Other supporting documents

Feature of Provincial Nominee Program

Canada offers around 80 Provincial Nominee Programs, each of which has varied eligibility criteria. Provinces can address their unique immigration demands thanks to the PNP program helping them fill jobs that are in demand and meet labour scarcity in their province. Most PNPs require aspiring applicants to have some connection to the province. They either should have worked earlier or studied in the same province alternatively, if they want a job visa, they must have a job offer from a company in the province.

A PNP program can aid your process of getting a PR visa and complete the process within two days. Your Express Entry application can gain 600 CRS points, making you eligible to apply directly to IRCC for your PR visa.

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