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US Dependent Visa: A Definitive Guide for 2022

When considering where to go for a job or school, the United States has historically been at the top of the list.

Those with a relative already living legally in the United States (either as a permanent resident or on a work or student visa) can also apply for a dependent visa USA student or a spouse visa.

Visa applications might be challenging to complete. But rest assured, Envoy International will do everything we can to make your trip go off without a hitch.

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USA Dependent Visa Details

Numerous programs allow dependent visa USA for spouse, students, professionals, and business owners to bring their families to the United States.

The following are examples of popular dependent visa applications:

  • A dependent visa USA for parents with an F1 visa can accompany them to the United States on an F2 visa.
  • In the United States, those with an F2 visa are restricted from engaging in any gainful employment or educational pursuits.
  • Dependents of those in the United States on J1 visas for research, medical, or business training are allowed to enter the country on J2 visas.
  • Family members of H-1B visa holders are eligible to apply for an H4 visa, which allows them to work and attend school in the United States.
  • Athletes, scientists, asylum seekers, refugees, witnesses, permanent residents, citizens, and anyone legally residing in the United States may apply for a dependant visa to bring their family members to join them in the United States.

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Who qualifies for a Dependant visa?

Anyone working, living, or attending school in the United States can apply for a Dependent Visa for their immediate family members.

One or more of these possibilities applies to them:

  • A partner in marital (same-sex or opposite).
  • A person under the age of 21 who is not married.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has strict requirements that applicants’ dependents must meet (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

  • The Dependent Visa cannot be applied for by family members currently in the United States on a visitor visa.
  • The United States welcomes international students and their families at any time. The dependents may apply for an F-2 or J-2 visa.

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Required Documents for US Dependent Visa

You should submit as much supporting information and paperwork as possible while applying for a visa. To ensure that your application and supporting materials are in tip-top shape, your Envoy International consultant will help you with every step of the process. These are some examples of the paperwork you might need:

  • Your passport and past trips
  • Explanatory Materials
  • Legal proof of your spouse or partner, such as a marriage certificate
  • Pictures and other evidence of the relationship
  • The sponsor’s income must demonstrate adequate funding.
  • Submitted application with payments for the consulate
  • Mastery of the English Language
  • Your child must be under 18 years old at the time of application if they are to be considered for the position of “parent.”
  • The spouse and children of H1B workers can apply for H4 visas. The H4 dependent Visa allows holders to pursue their pursuits in the United States, including education and employment.

What is the Dependent Visa Processing Time?

The dependent visa USA for spouse processing time can vary. Visas typically take between 15 and 30 business days to process.

Several factors, like an embassy or consular wait times, the speed with which your paperwork is processed, the type of Dependent visa USA you are applying for, and so on, can significantly extend this time frame.

The timing of the sponsor’s visa application submission also plays a role. If both of you apply for a visa, it will be processed simultaneously.

Setting up an interview can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Therefore, early applications are encouraged.

What are the Costs for a US Dependent Visa?

Depending on the level of assistance you require, the cost of a US Spouse visa can range from $1,200 to $5,000. (The price may change based on your visa type.)

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What Documents are Required for the US Dependent Visa?
  • Valid marriage license for the spouse claiming dependency.
  • Proof of Dependent Child’s Birth Certificate.
  • The Dependent spouse or child must have an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work in the United States legally.
  • The passport of you and your US-based partner or spouse.
  • Records for use as proof in different kinds of legal disputes.
Can parents come on dependent Visa?

In order to legally enter and remain in the United States with a spouse or parent who holds an H-visa, such as an H1B visa, the USCIS will issue an H4 visa to the immediate family member.

The spouse or any unmarried minor children of the H-visa holder are considered immediate family. Therefore, you must satisfy one of the following requirements before you may apply for an H4 visa:

  • Have an H-1B visa holder as a spouse.
  • This includes the H1, H1, H2, and H3 visas.

To qualify for an H visa, you must demonstrate that you are the minor child of a parent who already holds one. Children of H-visa holders over the age of 21 are ineligible for the H4 Visa.

Family members can enter the country under different nonimmigrant categories if they meet the requirements, such as the F1 category for spouses and children coming to the country for academic study or the H1B category for spouses whose employers have also approved an H1B visa petition to employ the spouse.

Can I work in USA with dependent Visa?

Are you thinking if a dependent visa USA can work or not?

Spouses or partners of F-1 students or workers are not allowed to work while on an F-2 dependent visa.

If an F-2 dependant wants to work in the United States in any capacity, paid or unpaid, they will need to locate an employer who is prepared to sponsor their work visa application.

How can I get a Dependent Visa for the USA from India?

You may also refer to the H-4 visa as a “Dependents Visa” in the United States. The application process for this Visa is the same as that of any other H Visa. Requirements for submitting a US Dependent Visa application include:

  • Complete the electronic DS-160 form.
  • Put money down for the H-4 visa expenses.
  • Appointment setting for visa interview.
  • Send in your completed Visa application package.
  • Show up for the meeting.
  • Get the H-4 Visa

The outcome of your application and interview will determine whether or not you are granted the Visa. You can find out where you stand with your application by visiting the US Embassy website to submit it.

To do this, simply enter your application number.

You will get notified when the Embassy has finished reviewing your H-4 Visa application.
If your visa application is successful, you must complete the necessary steps to get your passport stamped.

Assuming you’ve already done everything else necessary, this is the final need before you may book your flight to the United States.

Can I get a visa extension for my US dependent?

The chances of granting an extension depend on several factors, including the type of authorization, the validity of the sponsor’s Visa, and the length of time the Visa has been in effect.

If the sponsor holds a valid extension or long-term Visa, you may be able to extend your permission to remain in the United States.

To do so, you must apply to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) before your current Visa expires.

However, your application’s viability depends on your intent, immigration status, etc. The supporting documents you submitted with your first visa application must also be included.