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How does a work visa help you?

  • New Zealand is one of the most attractive countries when it comes to education, high-paying jobs and quality of life.
  • To work in good companies in New Zealand you must have an essential skill worker visa, any kind of work visa, or a permanent resident visa if you are not a citizen.
  • Working in New Zealand can look different to everyone. Whether going to attend a business event or staying in the country for an internship, you will need a work visa to access most of the opportunities.
  • The most amazing thing about the country is that it is extremely friendly and kind towards international visitors.
  • Because of its growing economy, people from around the world have found employment in different cities of the country.
  • The amalgamation of cultures from across the globe allows you to create amazing connections and valuable networks.
  • The work culture of New Zealand is one of the finest in the world and is highly supportive.
  • With a tourist visa, New Zealand offers many opportunities for exploration, but if you are planning to visit the country for work purposes you will be limited to attending events only, such as corporate seminars or workshops.
  • A work visa issued by your prospective employer, allows you to work while living in the country and also opens doors to numerous global opportunities.
  • With a long-term work visa, you can also apply for a permanent residence visa for future settlement in the country.
  • The work permit visa also allows you several ways to support your family or bring them to the country.
  • You can opt for a partner visitor visa and explore the country with your spouse. Your partner also becomes eligible to apply for a work visa under the type of open work visa.
  • Work visa permits student visas for your children with the required funds and qualifications. Likewise, you can also bring your children to the country through dependent children visas to live and study.

How do you work in New Zealand? What kind of visas do you need?

There are several kinds of visas that you can apply for, to work and live in the country as per your conditions and requirements.

  • With the necessary professional skills, expert knowledge, and academic qualification, you become eligible for this visa category.
  • Advised by the New Zealand government, this visa is suitable to families looking for settlement in the country.
  • You become eligible for the resident visa under this category which allows you to bring your dependent family to the country.
  • However, to qualify for these benefits, you must acquire skills and prove to be beneficial for the economy of New Zealand.
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  • To become qualified to attain this visa, you must have a student visa granted by the immigration department.
  • You can extend or apply for a work visa for up to three years after your student visa completion.
  • There has been a change in instruction, conditions, and qualifications of the post-study visa, which you should research before applying for the same.
  • A new set of instructions was launched by the New Zealand government which became applicable to all criteria after 11 May 2022.
  • In the post-study work visa, New Zealand offers world-class job opportunities as per your qualifications and opens doors to innumerable global opportunities.
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  • International visitors between the age group of 18-30 are eligible for this criteria.
  • With New Zealand working holiday visa, you can travel across the country and work for up to 12 months.
  • Although there are no such limitations on this visa category, there is only one restriction which is to not apply for any permanent job.
  • If you have applied for a job for up to 23 months, you should also provide a medical certificate along with your visa application.
  • Apart from the general required documents for a visa application form, you will need proof of funds for the ticket to return to your country to become eligible.
  • Along with that, the main purpose of your visit to the country should be to work and if you wish to take up a short course, you can sum it up as your secondary reason to visit.
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  • If you have a work-related event, programme, seminar or workshop to attend, you must apply for a business-visitor visa.
  • It also allows you to take up short courses or short duration study programmes of 3 or fewer months.
  • To qualify for this category of visa, you must prove that you can manage your expenses and are equipped with enough finances enabling you to support yourself in the country.
  • If you are required by your employer to visit the country, you can also show proof of financial funding by your company.
    The business visitor visa allows you to include your partner and dependent children in the application.
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What are the eligibility requirements for work visas?

  • The easiest way to become eligible for a work visa is to apply to one of the companies in the country.
  • With the help of your New Zealand employer, you can easily fulfil all the requirements to apply for a work visa.
  • Moreover, they can also help you with the application process and ease your complications, if any.
  • Secondly, if you have studied in New Zealand for quite a long time and have a student visa, you can easily apply for a work visa as well.
  • Working after completion of your studies will require you to either extend your student visa or apply for a work visa.
  • For access to unlimited work hours, to travel in and out of the country, and to enjoy global opportunities, you must carry a valid work visa.
  • If you have been called to attend a seminar or workshop, or if you want to attend a corporate gathering event, you should apply for the work-visa, to visit the country.
  • With the business visitor visa, you can also take up short courses during the stay to enhance your skills and explore more opportunities.
  • New Zealand allows you to apply for a work visa if your partner is currently working in the country and holds a valid work visa.
  • Under the category of Partner of a New Zealander work visa, you become eligible to work for any duration in the country or stay for a short time with your partner.
  • New Zealand has several tie-ups with many countries across the world for employment programme schemes, exchange student schemes, working holiday programmes, etc.
  • Under these programmes, if you belong to a country that has an agreement with New Zealand for exchange work programmes, you can easily apply to one of the exchange work providers.
  • Special schemes for work are hosted by many companies in New Zealand where they look for workers with extraordinary skills and excellent qualifications.
  • You can understand the requirements of the company and apply as you wish in any of these exchange work programs.

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How do we help you in getting a work visa?

  • Our professional New Zealand work visa agents in India, are experienced in the field of immigration and hold expert knowledge which allows us to guide you in making better decisions.
  • With the opening up of boundaries after the pandemic, New Zealand has simplified the visa application process through online portals and websites.
    Our guiding experts help you apply for your required visa easily through these government websites.
  • New Zealand has over 80 types of visa categories and each of them has special requirements to be fulfilled. Whether you need to visit someone, attend an event or apply for a short course, our consultants help you in choosing the most suitable category of visa. Some of these common requirements include-
    1. Necessary documents like the EOI, identity verifying documents, medical certificates, police certificates, the purpose of visit letter, etc. are needed for different types of visas.
    2. Necessary information like changes in rules by the government, special requirements for a document, the validity of your passport, etc. may not be known by you and can create a hurdle during your approval process.
    3. Many universities and companies have different conditions and especially require you to hold a specific visa. While you may not know this valuable information, we keep our staff updated with all the current happenings so that you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Our New Zealand work visa consultants are trained in this specific field and have innumerable contacts with institutions across the world.
  • Whether you have any doubts regarding choosing your university or if you want your partner or children to shift to New Zealand, our expert agents are highly qualified in helping you solve your problems and understanding your requirements.
  • Our expert agents guide you throughout the process and help you prepare necessary documents beforehand so that your application process can go smoothly.
  • Thus, it is always advisable to consult an expert to guide you better and we strive to provide you with every help possible because we understand the value of bigger opportunities.

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How to get New Zealand work visa?

There are numerous kinds of work visas that you can apply for, depending on your needs and requirements. For example, if you already have a study visa and you wish to stay in the country after graduation, you can easily apply for a post-study work visa. In another way, you also become eligible to apply for a work visa if you’re partner holds one and stays in the country. The foremost thing to ensure a work visa is to have an employment offer from a company based in New Zealand.

How to apply working visa in New Zealand?
  • There is no limited number of visas that allow you to work in New Zealand, you can even work part-time and full-time jobs on a student visa. For the validity of 2-3 years, you must fulfil either of the following requirements.
    1. Have a certified offer letter from a recognized institution in New Zealand.
    2. Studied in New Zealand for more than 2 years.
    3. Have a partner staying in New Zealand with a permanent resident visa or a valid work visa.
    4. Proof of a business event, if your purpose of the visit is to attend a workshop or a gathering.
How do I get a work visa for New Zealand?

The most feasible way to get a work visa is to have an employment offer from a company based in New Zealand. Applying for a work visa is considered a bit difficult in New Zealand as it follows a quota system. If your country’s quota gets completed you cannot apply for your work visa till the next year. There are limited positions and are open for a specific span of time. Hence, you must conduct extensive research before applying for a work visa and even preferably, consult a professional immigration service agency.

Is IELTS required for New Zealand work visa?

Majorly, an employment offer from a certified institution is all that is necessary for a work visa, but, for other types of work visas, IELTS may be necessary. For visas such as skilled migrant visas, business visitor visas, and permanent resident visas, the New Zealand government requires proof of English proficiency. Exams such as IELTS and TOEFL are considered important to prove that you have a good command of the language.

Can we work in New Zealand without a visa?

Unless you are a resident or citizen of New Zealand, you cannot work without a visa. However, with a valid student visa, you can work full-time and part-time jobs during your course of study. To work in New Zealand for a longer period of time, you must apply for a work visa, and for that, you will need a job offer from a certified employer. You can give interviews in the country and stay for a while, through a visitor visa.

Can work visa holder buy house in New Zealand?

It is not legally permitted to buy a house until you have a permanent visa or become a citizen of New Zealand. Although, you can rent accommodations or live in your college hostel. On interim or temporary visa, such as a student visa, work visa, or a visitor visa, you cannot buy a house till you become a resident.

How much funds needed for New Zealand work visa?

The application fees for a work visa is around.25,000- 30,000 INR or 490-630 NZD. Apart from the application fees and identity verification documents, you must also show proof of enough funds to sustain yourself in New Zealand. You should have a minimum balance of 400 NZD per month or 4200 NZD per year and provide proof of your financial statements during the application process.

How much does a New Zealand working holiday visa usually cost?

A working holiday visa is usually for a younger group of people, aged 18-35. The visa allows you to stay and work in the country for up to 12 months. A working holiday visa costs around 12,000 INR or 245 NZD as application charges. Apart from that, you will also be required to show proof of monetary support to fulfil your expenses in the country. Your bank balance must be of at least 4200 NZD during your stay for a year in the country.

How to apply for a New Zealand work visa from India?

New Zealand government has an official website for immigration services, rules, policies, requirements, and application processes where you can submit your visa application completely through an online procedure. You must carry all the required documents as per your visa type along with health reports, the purpose of visit letter, offer letter, identity verification documents, and financial proof. It is preferable to consult a professional immigration agency because every visa type requires different types of documents and they can guide you better in every step of the application process.

How to check New Zealand work visa?

Approval of work visas usually take a period of 20-30 days, including verification and government approval. If you have applied for visa through the official online portal, your application status will be uploaded on the website itself. You can check for pending or approved status for the visa you have applied for, by logging in to your account. If you have applied for a visa through a consultancy agency, you must contact them for the live status of your visa application.

What are the documents required for New Zealand work visa?

Apart from usual identity verification documents, you will need:

  • Passport size photographs
  • Medical certificate to prove good health
  • Police certificate to prove good character
  • Purpose of visit letter
  • Offer letter from your employer in New Zealand
  • Proof of monetary support or financial security
  • Documents in any other language- translated into English
  • Valid passport that doesn’t expire within the duration of your stay
  • Return ticket or proof of funds for buying one
Can I get work visa in New Zealand without experience?

Among the 80 types of visas that New Zealand offers, the work visa category has numerous types of visas that allow you to work and live in the country. However, it is preferable to have previous work experience to get offer letters from multinational companies, it isn’t compulsory. You can even work part-time jobs in New Zealand with a valid student visa.

Can Indians apply for a working holiday visa in New Zealand?

A working holiday visa allows you to work for a short period of time and stay in the country during the same course. It is generally available to a younger group of people, aged 18-35. Indians can apply for a work visa just in the same way as a business visitor visa or a working holiday visa.

How long does it take to get New Zealand working visa?

After successfully submitting your application, the process will take between 20 to 30 days. If you have applied through the New Zealand government’s online portal, you should be able to see a pending or approved status on your account under your visa type. If you have applied through an offline form or visa application centre, you must wait for at least 30 days, before contacting the immigration department about the delay. If you have applied through a consultancy agency, you must check with them about your live status as they will have direct contact with the officials.