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What is a tier 2 visa in the UK?

To preserve skills in this competitive era, the United Kingdom welcomes employment of skilled professionals through the tier 2 visa system in the UK. The workers who are willing to work in the UK and their occupation are also enlisted under the tier 2 shortage occupation list can apply in the UK on a long term basis. Information Technology, finance, teaching, healthcare and engineering are among the most popular professions. Envoy International can assist you to take advantage of this shortage of skilled workers and apply for a tier 2 visa and reposition yourself in the UK.

A skilled worker visa is the most essential thing for an aspiring skilled worker to reside and work in the UK. Anyone who has been offered a skilled job in the UK can apply for this visa. The required salary for this visa is £25,600, or the specific requirement for the occupation or the ‘going rate’

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Top demanding IT skill in the UK

With the rising demand for skilled technicians in the profession of Information Technology and technical skills, the portfolio of the job had become invaluable to the companies that are following the trend. A list of top demanding skills in the UK for the IT skilled aspirants is as follows.

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What is the minimum salary for a tier 2 visa in the UK?

For a skilled employee the minimum salary requirement is £25,600 or more which varies according to the ‘going rate’ of the occupation which is very precise to have.

Top IT designation in the UK and their minimum salary requirements are

  • Dev Ops engineer – £40,000
  • Software engineer – £35,000
  • Python developers – £35,000
  • Data scientist – £31,000
  • Software developers – £27,000
  • Cyber security specialists – £25,000
  • Mobile application developer – £20,000

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UK skilled worker visa details

A skilled worker visa allows a skilled professional to build their own professional career in the UK. A skilled worker can reside for a maximum duration of 5 years on the basis of a tier 2 visa as per the government of the United Kingdom. A point system regulates the skilled worker visa system in which the aspiring applicants should score a minimum of 70 points. This is the minimum score demanded to consider the application. The points are calculated on the basis of:

  • Whether you possess a Certificate of a Business sponsorship
  • Whether you are generating a sufficient income
  • Your communication skills and command over the English language
  • The maintenance fund that you hold

After acquiring a Skilled Worker visa you can do the following:

  • Study in the UK
  • Bring family members to the UK
  • Travel to from the UK

You can apply for a Skilled Worker Visa if you can satisfy these parameters

  • The Tier 2 visa has different categories to allow the following professionals
  • Tier 2 General Visa
  • The professional applicants that summons under the shortage list of the profession in the UK. The Skilled Worker Visa has taken its place instead of this.
  • Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer Visa
  • For the worker of corporations that is getting transferred to the United Kingdom
  • Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa
  • This visa is applicable to ministers of religions within a religious organisation
  • Tier 2 Sporstsperson Visa
  • This visa is applicable to coaches and sports individuals

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Essential Documents

The documents required to apply for a tier 2 visa in the UK comprise of

  • a legitimate employer-issued Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Information about income and finances
  • A valid passport today and travel history
  • Certificates proving your command of the English language
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Other supporting documents

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Processing Time

One can apply for this visa three months prior you begin working in the UK. The beginning date will be mentioned in the certificate of sponsorship which will be provided to you by your employer in the UK.

Once you apply within a time period of three weeks you will receive the decision on your visa. With the UK government including more occupations on the Shortage Occupation List, the processing time gets reduced for many applicants.

How long can you stay on a skilled worker visa?

One can stay for a maximum period of 5 years on this visa.

The duration of a work visa depends on the time period of the agreement you have with your employer. You can prolong your stay as long as you haven’t gone over the permitted time frame for your visa type. If your time period exists you need to apply for an extension either online or at a premium service centre for UK visas.

One can stay for an elongated period of the duration specified on your certificate of sponsorship (plus one month) or five years and fourteen days, whichever is shorter.

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Skilled worker dependent visa

A Skilled Worker dependent visa is for children and parents of those who have reached the country on a Skilled Worker or have applied for one.

The following individuals qualify for a Skilled Worker dependent visa:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried or partner of the same sex
  • Applicants who were minors (under 18) at the time of the application
  • Dependant children who are older than 18

There should be a genuine partnership between the spouse and the parents and they should also intend to reside for the duration of their stay in the country.

Maintenance Funds:

The applicants must have proven access to adequate financial means for their period of stay in the UK as Skilled Workers dependents have no recourse to public funds as such. There must be an additional £ 630 allocated for each dependent if there are any.


When they arrive in the UK or when their visa was granted, the primary applicant and any dependents must be at least 18 years old.

Other Requirements:

One must not be a holder of a student visa in the UK in the past, a short term study visa on or after April 2015 or were given leave on or after April 2015 as a parent of a Tier 4 student.

Moreover, one has to qualify on the general grounds of qualification for admission. One must have a clear history of immigration, with no case of overstaying. When the visa of your spouse or relatives expires you must have no intention to stay in the UK.

Application Process

Skilled Worker dependent visa applications may be submitted simultaneously or later with the primary Skilled Worker visa application. No matter when the applications are filed, those who are accepted will be granted leave at the same time as the primary visa applicant. The procedure may change depending on where a Tier 2-based visa is approved where a Tier 2 based visa is approved, the procedure may change.

If you have a dependent visa for a skilled worker, you can:

  • Stay in the UK for the same amount of time as the primary holder of a Skilled Worker visa.
  • Work, with limited exceptions
  • Under certain restrictions, study or enrol in a postgraduate course.

If you continue to fulfil the requirements for eligibility, apply application to renew your visa in accordance with the primary applicant. You won’t be able to request an extension after the relevant visa holder has departed the UK. You are prohibited from using public funding, working as a dentist, a doctor in training, or a professional sports teacher.

Applications for Tier 2 visas are assessed using the UK’s point-based system. To be eligible for the visa, one has to have at least 70 points. With a job offer and an employer sponsorship certificate, you may earn 30 points. If your profession appears on the list of occupations with skills need, you may earn an additional 30 points. With these 60 points, obtaining the remaining points necessary to qualify will be rather simple.

It will be simple to locate one in the publicly accessible “Register of Sponsors Licensed Under the Points-based System.” This is a list of all the companies that are authorised to sponsor foreign workers.

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