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Graduate Temporary Work Visa Australia (Subclass 485), Explained

Are you an international student, who has just graduated from an Australian institute?

Do you wish to extend your stay in the country?

There is a great opportunity to do so while working alongside.

Students who have recently held a student visa are eligible for the Australia Graduate Temporary (Subclass 485) Visa. Owing to the fact that most of the applicants have already invested a significant period of their lives in Australia, the Graduate Work Visa has a more straightforward application process than other migration visas to Australia. By supporting you with your Graduate Work Visa application, Envoy International can help you benefit from your Australian education. Our experts are highly knowledgeable in the subject and can be of service to you in systemizing the application process and forming a portfolio that has the best chance of being accepted.

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Work in Australia after graduation

There are two primary categories of visas that fall under the scope of this program:

Graduate Work Visa: Students who have held a student visa for the preceding six months before applying for the Australia graduate temporary visa and who have applied for skill assessment in the specified profession on the Skilled Occupations List are eligible to apply for the graduate work visa.

Graduate Post-Study Visa: Students who have finished a bachelor’s degree or above are eligible for the Graduate Post-Study Visa. The primary focus of this visa is on your educational background, and it is not necessary for your job to be on the Skilled Occupations List in order to qualify.

If you have one of these visas, you have the right to reside and work anywhere in Australia with your family, attend school in Australia, and travel in or out of Australia.

Top Countries To Work Abroad

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United States
New Zealand

Duration of graduate visa in Australia

Students who have accomplished their degree can apply for a Graduate Temporary Visa, that is a temporary visa that enables them to reside and work in Australia from 18 months up to four years. The period of visas issued after December 1, 2021, has been extended to a maximum of 24 months temporarily.

Subclass 485 visa Australia

A Subclass 485 visa, Australia, or a temporary graduate visa is for international students who have freshly graduated from an Australian institution with skillsets that are relevant to specific professions in Australia. It gives you the opportunity to reside, study, and work in Australia for a specified period of time.

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Eligibility and Process for Visa

Eligibility for a post-graduation work permit in Australia

The Australia Graduate Temporary Visa, also known as the Subclass 485 Visa, is primarily concerned with evaluating the academic qualifications of students. It is an excellent way to reside in Australia permanently and is developed with the intention of retaining talent in the country.

You must be able to satisfy the following requirements in order to be eligible:

  • It is required that you be between the ages of 18 and 50 years old.
  • Credentials obtained through schooling in Australia are required.
  • Information on your Australian study period.
  • Your command of the English language.
  • Whether or not the job you hold is on the list of skilled occupations.
  • Your prior professional experience.
  • Evaluation of both health and character.

Process of Application

  • The first step of application is gathering all of the necessary papers and submitting an online application for a graduate temporary work visa in Australia.
  • You are required to submit an application as soon as it has been validated that you have successfully completed your course. You have up to six months from the official date of completion to submit your application for this visa.
  • After this step, the next step is to pay the standard processing costs.
  • When all of these steps have been completed successfully, an Australia graduate temporary work visa will be issued to you within a specified amount of time.
  • When the authorities make a decision on your visa application, you must not be in immigration clearance; nevertheless, you can be in or outside of Australia. If you are a subsequent entrant (a family member), the authorities might make their decision while you are in or outside of Australia.

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Can I buy a house on a 485 visa?

International graduates from Australian universities often switch to a Skilled Graduate (Temporary) visa subclass 485 while they continue to work, study, and get ready to submit a permanent residency application. Many people might already be employed full-time in their chosen fields and looking to settle down and purchase a home in Australia. You will need FIRB permission if you want to get a mortgage while on a 485 visa. However, while on a 485 visa, FIRB clearance is unimportant as long as you intend to occupy the home and live there.

Can I bring my family to Australia on a 485 visa?

The primary applicant for a 485 visa must be present in Australia at the time of application and must have had a valid student visa within six months prior to filing. In the application, he/she may list their spouse, de facto partner, same-sex partner, or dependent children. One can apply for family members to join them in Australia on 485 visas if he/she already has a 485 visa.

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Next step after the 485 visas

After acquiring a 485 visa, you can apply for permanent residency in Australia. There are numerous paths of application based on your situation. Envoy international helps you figure out the perfect path of application and guides you through the entire process.

Apply for PR after 485 visa

You can settle down in Australia permanently if you submit an application for a permanent visa and are successful in getting one. This visa would allow you to stay in the country permanently. Some skilled work visas and family-based visas are among the most popular types of permanent visas.

Skilled work visa pathway for visa 485

The first thing you need to do is submit an application for the visa 485 post-study stream. If approved, you will be able to remain in Australia for anywhere between two and four years, depending on your qualifications.

The acquisition of job experience through 485-visa will immediately contribute to your skilled point test for PR choices. This will allow you to not only remain in Australia for the duration of your stay but also to build up your time spent working there.

The TSS 482, which is a visa, and the ENS 186, which is a transaction stream.

As long as you have worked for a company that sponsored this choice, it will give you a great deal of certainty. However, you must have worked in the relevant occupation or a sector related to it, for at least two years; this indicates that you should have two years of job experience while you are in possession of visa 485 in order to be eligible for permanent residency. In addition to that, it is a visa sponsored by the company.

Sponsored Visas 186 Direct Entry stream.

Another route to permanent residency is available through the Sponsored Visas 186 Direct Entry stream. You need an employer who is willing to nominate you for permanent residency in Australia under the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) – Visa 186 in order to be eligible for a sponsored visa that would get you permanent residency.

485 visas to permanent residency by skilled independent visas

You do not need to have an employer sponsor you in order to be eligible for one of these visas; nonetheless, you will be required to undergo a skills assessment and pass a points test (Pool mark 65 points). Visa 189 is one of the visas that fall within this category.

The 189 visa is a permanent visa for skilled employees that is based on a points system. The Skilled Independent Visa, also known as the Subclass 189 Visa, enables skilled individuals to move to Australia permanently.

485 visas to permanent residency by State visa 190, and visa 491.

You should also think about applying for state nomination if you are planning to relocate to a different city. If you make an informed decision on your line of work, you may be able to submit an application for visa 190 and get permanent residency in Australia within three years.

485 visas to permanent residency by training visa 407

Training visa 407 is an excellent entrance for work in comparison to TSS visa 482, as it has fewer criteria for both the applicants and the sponsors. This makes it easier to get. You may be qualified for training visa 407 if you have either worked in your profession or have studied for a total of 12 months in the relevant field.

What Else?

Graduate temporary work visa Australia is a great opportunity for international students in Australia. It allows them to gain work experience before they can apply for permanent residency. This visa also enables students to avail other facilities in the country. Envoy International guides applicants through the entire process of application. We can offer you with:

  • Quick responses
  • 100% attention until your process completion
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Personalized Solutions